The Journey

Welcome to the Journey!

By on November 23, 2015

Thank you for stopping by to catch up on the latest news regarding this exciting new adventure! We are blessed to have you come along side us on the journey the Lord has laid before us, whatever that ends up looking like for each of you.

Our plan for this blog is to invite you into the story of our move from the rolling hills of Leiper’s Fork to beautiful Knoxville, where the hills are a little bigger (and the colors are a little more . . . “orange”). We’ll share pictures, stories, updates, prayer requests and plenty more as we embark on the adventure together.

So, whether you are saying “goodbye” as we leave, “hello” as we come your way, or even, “Hang on- I’m coming with you!” we are so thankful to have you walking this road with us. The encouragement, support and prayer of the body of Christ is an essential fuel for our journey. It’s going to be a wild ride — watch out Knoxville, here we come!!



Occupying Knoxville

A few of us had the opportunity to travel to Knoxville this past week to continue scouting the area, and praying over the place we will soon call home. On Tuesday night we attended a worship service with several UT students we are friends with and then grabbed some late night pizza together. During worship the evening’s leader prayed over the city of Knoxville and for those of us in attendance – that we would have a heart for the city, for us to see the Lord expand His kingdom here, and that we would occupy this land!

Now to get a picture of how incredibly encouraging this was to us, you need to know the prior Sunday at our home church of Grace Chapel Leiper’s Fork we made the first public announcement of our plans to plant Grace Chapel Knoxville. During that service Pastor Steve shared the exciting news as part of a powerful message titled, “Occupy until I come”calling believers to be producers of much fruit and take new territory. Then, there we were two days later hearing a prayer for Knoxville that completely captured the heart of everything Pastor Steve had just preached! What a sweet confirmation from the Lord!



Please agree with us in prayer for…

People: Pray with us for the people of Knoxville. May the Lord begin to prepare the hearts of the families in the community and students on campus He is calling us to minister to. Pray for our new friends there, for their faith to be strengthened! Pray for anyone the Lord may be calling to come with us, that He would direct and confirm this in the hearts of His people!

Timing: As our families begin the process of moving, please pray the Lord would cover every detail from the selling and buying of homes to providing jobs as needed. Amy and I will be there next week to look for houses and our home here in Middle Tennessee went on the market this week.

Location: We really want to hear from God about the “where.” We feel He is giving us more and more direction and clarity with each step forward and we are honing in on the West Knoxville area. Now we are praying for very specific direction on where the church should meet when we start Sunday services and what community our families will settle into and call home.

Family: All of our kiddos are excited to be making this move, but we would appreciate prayers for them through all of the transition. Please pray for their hearts, that they would make new friends, and for their new schools!

Thanks for following along; we will update you again soon. Your prayers are massively important as we seek the Lord’s will and way, because while we can plan, work, and take action, ultimately we want the Lord to direct our hearts, order our steps, and we want to trust Him to move mountains and make straight pathways.

“Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.” – Psalms 127:1 

Your friends,
Jake and the Grace Chapel Knoxville team